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Outsource Cabinets

Why should you outsource cabinets to CNC shops?

Because it allows you to do more kitchens at the same time, while saving precious time and money.

Here at Sharpline Woodworks, we offer a CNC cutting service that will make your job a whole lot easier, saving you a ton of time and money. You can outsource cabinets and all of your cabinet components and parts to our CNC shop, located in the Cowichan Valley!

Imagine having a full kitchen show up on your door, cut and drilled to perfection. That is our goal, that is what we want to give to you.

While we get busy doing all of the cutting and drilling for you, you can be doing more measurements, designs and installs. Or any other task that you need to get done. If you have employees, you can also have them become more efficient and organized knowing that we are taking care of the nesting, cutting, and drilling of your cabinets.

The real key here is that you can do a lot more than 1 or 2 kitchens at a time. You can double, triple the amount you do now. Even more if an effective  system is in place.

So by choosing to outsource cabinet and component cutting to our CNC shop, you will increase your production, and most importantly, your revenue.


When we say we do custom cutting for our customers. We mean it. Your cabinets are cut, and drilled to your specifications. We understand that cabinet shops might have their own way of building cabinets, and don’t want to lose that style or their brand. With Sharpline Woodworks, you won’t. Everything is tailored to you, and the way you do things.

outsource cabinets to cnc shop


So how does it work?

There are a few ways to make this happen, but probably the simplest and easiest way is for you to measure the kitchen, bathroom, or whatever it is you need to be cut. Send us the measurements and we design the kitchen on our CNC software. From there our CNC machine does all the nesting and cutting within a matter of 6-10 hours, depending on the size of the project. You can then come pick it up.

If you are thinking about choosing to outsource cabinets, or purchasing pre-cut cabinets, give us a call or email. We are more than happy to try and help. We are located in the Cowichan Valley, and serving Vancouver Island.

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