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Create an affordable, one of a kind look, that will last a lifetime.
Designed and manufactured locally, in house
We offer custom cutting, carvings, wall art and more!
About Sharpline

All of our products are designed and manufactured locally in house in beautiful Duncan BC, with our CNC machine. With our CNC technology we can create an affordable, one of a kind look, that will last a lifetime.  We specialize in being able to offer custom design  to fit your wants, needs, and dreams.

Sharpline Woodworks was mainly created to help cabinet shops, or other businesses complete large and small cutting  orders quickly, and effectively.

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Sharpline provides a wide range of cnc machine services. For the homeowner some of the popular services we offer are: custom signage for your home and business, adding detailed carving to almost any furnishing in your home, custom wall panels, and so much more. For businesses we offer custom design, drilling, cutting for kitchen components, wall panels and the list goes on.

Take a closer look into some of our services here:

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Here you can browse through our sorted gallery that is filled with wooden art, carvings, sculptures and more. They come finished and unfinished as well. Most are available for purchase as well, so if you start thinking that one of these would look good in your home, it is possible! So take a look and let us know what you like!

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